New scouting tool wants to revolutionize open innovation

New scouting tool wants to revolutionize open innovation

Tech firm IN-PART has announced the launch of its bespoke scouting service for R&D professionals, called IN-PART: Discover, following successful beta testing.

The company says its new service will revolutionize open innovation by providing companies with novel opportunities for collaboration, specific to their requirements, and often unseen elsewhere.

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in open innovation, particularly as universities are becoming more aware of, and open to, the benefits of collaborating with industry.

However, many businesses have a limited number of university contacts to target when looking for new research and struggle to make new connections beyond this network.

There are existing technologies that find new leads for corporate R&D teams, but many of these are neither time- nor cost-effective, as they rely on ‘scraping’ websites and databases that are oftentimes outdated, leading to irrelevant and unavailable opportunities.

By contrast, the IN-PART matchmaking platform features a unique, intuitive algorithm to smart-match companies with the best and most relevant commercially-ready research from 96 university clients - including some of the most prestigious research institutions worldwide.

IN-PART: Discover builds on this by providing a personalized scouting service, involving not only direct engagement with teams from IN-PART’s established university client network but also universities around the world.

Currently, IN-PART: Discover reaches teams from 272 institutions globally with corporate requirements, and this is set to increase to over 400 universities in the next 6 months.

Using a scalable and engaged university network, Discover provides companies with opportunities seeking commercial engagement, tailored to their business’ needs.

Robin Knight, co-founder and director of IN-PART, said: “Discover was born out of feedback from our industry audience.”

“Companies are looking for a proactive and resource-efficient way to seek out university collaboration opportunities fitting their own bespoke requirements, before anyone else”.

Discover was successfully beta-tested with four multinational companies from the healthcare, consumer goods, electronics, and chemical sector.

IN-PART is now in discussion with companies spanning from large pharma to aeronautical engineering wishing to use the service.