Record growth for Penarth firm following international surge

Record growth for Penarth firm following international surge

Software testing platform TestLodge has seen a 44% increase in turnover and 31% increase in profit between 2016 and 2017.

The company has benefitted from a weaker pound and an accompanying rise in US-based users adopting the testing tool.

Since coming out of development and launching in 2013, the company has seen strong growth, with a responsive attitude to user-feedback key to its success.

TestLodge currently supports thousands of users across more than 120 countries and is widely regarded as one of the top emerging software testing tools to come out of the UK.

TestLodge now has over 40% of its user-base in the states, and like many online-focused start-ups does business primarily in US Dollars.

Due to fluctuations in the pound following last year’s Brexit referendum, the software testing tool saw an indirect increase of 15% in its profit margin.

Managing director of TestLodge, Scott Sherwood, said the strong growth of the company meant he is able to further invest in its user interface as well as future-proofing the business behind the scenes.

Scott said: “It’s been another great year, perpetuated by the increase in international users.

“The beauty of cloud-based technology is that it allows a product to live and die on its own merits; proximity is not an issue, as evidenced by our growth in the US.

“Listen, invest and improve has always been the ethos at TestLodge, with consumer feedback a core facet of our business; we are meeting the demand for a modern and fluid testing platform, which is being reflected in the rate of our sign-ups.

“Early on in the business, we decided to forgo seeking external investment, with a preference for organic growth.

“This bootstrapping allowed us the freedom to focus on reinvesting into the business, rather than racing to provide a return for investors - and that is recognised by our growing user base.”

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, the company is well placed to continue its steady growth into 2018 and, through its planned further investment, continue to grow its international user base.

TestLodge is a cloud-based software testing tool that enables its users to document and manage their testing efforts with ease.

It’s primarily used by start-ups, internal IT departments, product and design agencies and quality assurance teams looking for an easy-to-use programme to test the functionality of their software.