Vismo tackles Russia World Cup security concerns

Vismo tackles Russia World Cup security concerns

The software firm has unveiled its new mass notification service ‘VismoMessaging’, designed to keep users safe during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

VismoMessaging aims to achieve this by verifying users’ location and safety status via the app and through the use of multi-communication platforms: SMS, email, voice, in-app push notification and text-to-voice automated phone calls.

App users can then be given safety advice, while security teams liaise with emergency and rescue services as necessary.

Colin Dale, VP business development for Vismo, said: “Although Vismo has designed VismoMessaging for use anywhere globally, our main focus at present is security during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, where Vismo has had an office since 2013.

“The World Cup is proving to be a major concern for corporate event sponsors, VIP attendees, the media companies providing coverage of the event, and football teams.

“With matches being spread across 11 widely dispersed host cities, security is a very real concern, as highlighted on a UK government website, where the spiking of drinks leading to robbery, violence and abuse is one concern.

“Another UK government website highlights the risk of terrorist incidents in Russia in relation to a global event such as the World Cup.”

“The threat of terrorism is high following attacks in recent years resulting in several deaths in the St Petersburg Metro and 37 deaths at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow.

“Airlines have been targeted with the downing of a flight from Sharm el Sheik to St Petersburg in October 2015, which was caused by an explosive device on board the plane, according to Russian authorities.”

“All this presents a significant difficulty for security teams locating individuals and providing immediate assistance and advice should an incident occur.”

The Vismo App was used successfully to monitor teams, coaching staff, media organisations and corporate VIPs at similar events, such as the London 2012 Olympics and at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, as well as helping companies and NGOs in high-risk areas of the world.

VismoMessaging uses an easy-to-navigate, email-like format to enable administrators to rapidly identify Vismo App users en masse, in groups or individually, and send them messages and receive responses that may be critical in a troublesome situation.

Vismo has the ability to filter users whose device is below a specified battery level threshold.

The advantage of the filter is that it highlights those app users who might need a prompt by security teams to charge their phone as soon as possible to prevent any loss of service involving the app and VismoMessaging.

Dale concluded: “Vismo uses its own patented technology to increase the accuracy of GPS locations, whilst simultaneously minimising the impact on the device’s battery life and data usage.”

“These two benefits could be critically important for giving advice or for a rescue or evacuation.

“Along with the new VismoMessaging they provide a powerful anti-crime solution that will be in operation before, during and immediately after the World Cup.”