Good is better than Perfect

Good is better than Perfect

A good product today is better than a perfect product tomorrow.

All through-out my business life I've held on to this motto, in the early days without even realising it. But I hear too many stories from new start-ups who put off and put off launching their new business or product waiting until it's perfect, which is completely wrong and here's why.

Getting something launched now that's good can allow you to start making money that will fund new product enhancements and improvements. Also perfect can take too long to develop, with new entrepreneurs often running out of money before it's finished and launched.

One of my very first businesses back in early 2000's was broadcasting nightclubs live over the internet, charging people via SMS text message. I knew the most important thing was uninterrupted audio, so I quickly built the web site giving it a basic look and feel just to get it launched and then over time made improvements and upgraded it, which allowed me to start making money from day one. All of this from idea to launch took just 2 weeks.

My second business - although I classed it as a hobby in the early days and didn't look to make any money from it - was a music website created back in the early 2000's and was a place for die-hard music enthusiasts to upload photos, flyers, comments and music from the numerous local events that happened each week. I had a very strong vision of what I wanted the website to function and look like, but making every single feature would have taken months if not years and I didn't want to lose that all important first mover advantage building a popular brand before anyone else. So I launched a version that was good enough very early on and decided I was going to add new features almost on a weekly if not daily basis. After only a few months I had most of the kids on it from most secondary schools in the North East, it become immensely popular attracting millions of messages and becoming 'the' authoritative source in the industry. Eventually after 10 years I had created the vision I once had for it and made a lot of money from advertising, something I hadn't even contemplated until 12 months in.

BulbAt the same time as running the music website someone approached me and asked if I was that lad who had created the music website and could I make him a website for his business. At this point I was just working from my mother’s house and had not long left school. I didn't have the first clue about business, how to run a company, a letterhead or even how much I should charge. For some reason - and to this day I can't explain why - I just said, sure our prices start from £30 per month with no deposit and I can have it built within a week. I kept my promise and delivered the website the very next week to one very happy customer. I thought that was easy money and it wasn't until another 10 customers later that I finally started working on the business developing a brand, letterhead and invoice. 'Good' to my customers was delivering on my promise of creating a website in the time-scales I had said. 'Perfect' was having my own company website with brand new shiny business cards. Getting on the road and selling when I was 'good' and not 'perfect' was the biggest lesson I learnt in the early says of business.

Almost 15 years later and this motto still holds true. We launched a website on the 16th September 2014 - around 8 minutes past 9 in the morning; I remember this well as it was my birthday and I slept in - We used the free blogging software Wordpress, we downloaded a theme template for $20 to make it look good and we started adding valuable content. This is the classic 'Good' is better than 'Perfect', as there are a 101 things I would change but having it generate money is the most important thing from day one. Almost 5 months later and the website has attracted 1,076,260 unique visitors who have generated 6,369,029 pageviews and 3.7m sessions. If I had waited until the website was perfect I might still be developing it now.

Good is better than perfect does not mean doing a shoddy job or a half-baked attempt. It simply means not cramming as many features in, or not waiting until other things happen first, like creating your own company website before hitting the road and selling door-to-door. Good allows you to test the market, gather feedback early on and improve your product or service as you go.

Take a look at your current project or business, if you haven't launched it yet, why not? What's stopping you? Is it really all that important to wait for certain things first before launching?