Seven intelligence tools every entrepreneur needs

Since as long as smart phones and the app store have been around I've used numerous apps - whether that's mobile applications or website applications - to help me stay one step ahead of the competition.


Newsle - News About Your Network

Add all of your competitors names or pull them from your network on Linkedin and Facebook then instantly find out about them in the news, and also seconds after new articles are published.



Glassdoor - Jobs Website + Employee Reviews of Companys

When is a jobs website not a jobs website? When it's used as a business intelligence tool of course. Glassdoor allows you to search for companies in your industry and then find out what their employees are saying about them. Great for seeing how much they're paying them and what the overall morale is like.



CrunchBase - Large Database of Startup Activity

Picture the sweep of business life. Companies are formed, funded, and tested in the marketplace. Products get designed, built and launched. And entrepreneurs, investors and a big cast of business people drive everything forward. Now imagine if you could not only see a timeline of all that activity, but you could also uncover the connections between everyone and everything. That is CrunchBase's Business Graph. The definitive database of the startup ecosystem, collating information on 650,000 people and companies tracked from the startup phase, listing data such as capital raised, founders, board members and advisors.



XYO - App Market Place Intelligence

Want to estimate total app installs for a competitor, or even just to determine market interest for an app you're thinking of launching? XYO is also very good at showing related apps and finding other competitor apps you may never heard of.



SpyFu - Competitor Advertising Analysis

SpuFu will show you what keywords your rivals are advertising on, an estimate on how much they spend on a daily basis and their ad rank. It will also show you keyword details such as how difficult it will be to rank for that keyword, how much traffic each attracts, and ultimately how much traffic your competitors are gaining on you.



HubSpot's Marketing Grader - Marketing Intelligence

This tool reviews competitor websites and social media activity, compares to a series of checklists and lets you know how they're doing or what they're not doing. It's a great way of ranking your competitors and working out ways to get ahead.

Marketing Grader


Fanpage Karma - Social Media Intelligence

This tool can compare Facebook pages of yours and your competitors, showing how each ranks for important metrics such as customer service levels, fan growth and engagement. When you need that all important question answering, who's fans are more supportive? Now you can find out. It also gives a plain one page view of a Facebook page metrics.

Fanpage Karma



Being able to keep an eye on your competitors can be a useful time out every so often, it's important to gauge how you're doing as not to lose your competitive edge. Being the best not only requires constant innovation but in equal measure a healthy dose of competitor analysis.