COMING SOON: She's got it in the bag

COMING SOON: She's got it in the bag

Freya Bass is the 25 year old founder and owner of the Handbag Spa in Harrogate - as it sounds, the place that you should send your handbags when they need a little 'reinvigoration'.

BQ Yorkshire editor Mike Hughes took news of the £30,000 price tag of a Hermes bag in his stride, as he talked to Freya about her entrepreneurial influences in her family, and how that played into her Leeds Met Uni experience.

She shares with us the secrets of recruiting and upskilling a strong team around her, including making best use of her mum in the business too. Knowledgeable and assured, she has designs for the future that are sound, achievable and impressive.

With international franchises already up and running, Freya explains the possibilities that are ahead of her and how she plans to maintain this growth.

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