West Midlands to get digital health incubator

West Midlands to get digital health incubator

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) will deliver a new digital health incubator in the new year.

The facility will enable tech start-ups to access the region’s network of NHS trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, featured within the 2,500 sq ft Innovation Birmingham’s Serendip Smart City Incubator in the £8m iCentrum building.

This is one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks across England. Their purpose is to improve patient outcomes and generate economic benefits for the UK by promoting and encouraging the adoption of innovation in healthcare.

The incubation centre will accelerate the growth of early stage businesses with a tech product or service offering that addresses innovative solutions to those with long term conditions, promotes wellness and the prevention of illness, provides advanced diagnostics, genomics and precision medicine, or helps with the management of mental health.

Tony Davis, commercial director of the WMAHSN, said: “In the short time since our launch, we have generated £15m of savings for the region’s NHS by introducing new innovations. We have identified digital health as our major enabler, which is why we are partnering with Innovation Birmingham to deliver a brand-new incubator for early stage tech companies.

“We want to work with brilliant, creative tech start-ups to pioneer solutions for patients to be able to access their own patient data and records. If a consultant delivers upsetting news, accessing the assessment and diagnosis online to share with family would be hugely beneficial to many. Filtering treatment levels for various ailments, and helping patients to self-manage long term conditions are other areas where there is significant scope for fresh innovation.

Innovation Birmingham’s business mentors will actively work in the Digital Health incubator. There will also be mentoring from industry experts, access to big data and exclusive insight into innovation challenges facing the healthcare industry. Representatives from the WMAHSN will have a base within the incubator, in order to open doors to the local and national healthcare marketplace.