First aid technology hits the field at Murrayfield

First aid technology hits the field at Murrayfield

A unique technology platform used in first aid care has been trialled by the British Red Cross, on the first weekend of the Six Nations rugby tournament.

MIME Technologies Ltd is based at the Centre for Health Sciences, Inverness. MIME, which stands for “Managing Information in Medical Emergencies” is technology specifically designed to support the first aider as the first person on-scene. They’re hoping to take their product to market in the spring.

The company’s aim is to create a high growth MedTech company around lightweight, wireless platform technology that simplifies the capture, reporting and audit of medical emergency data.

In 2015 the company was recognised in the top six of the Converge Challenge and the top ten of the Scottish EDGE Higgs Award.

The company is a spin out from the University of Aberdeen, with the technology originally developed through extensive research with specialist clinical input led by Professor Philip Wilson.

The new CEO for MIME Technologies, Dr Alasdair Mort, a digital health specialist, commented: “Thanks to the British Red Cross we’ve had a tremendously valuable opportunity to trial MIME in the field.

"MIME has been developed through collaboration with the Scottish Ambulance Service and the Digital Health & Care Institute specifically to address the problems that first aiders face and I’m delighted by the positive response we’ve received from the first aiders using MIME at Saturday’s Scotland v England match.”

Nick Barr, head of event first aid and ambulance operations for British Red Cross said: “British Red Cross looks to incorporate new advances in technology wherever this can support our services.

"We have a wealth of experience in first aid provision and development, and were delighted to work with MIME Technologies to trial this new innovation in the field.”