Young entrepreneur offloads business idea

Young entrepreneur offloads business idea

A young entrepreneur from Leeds has offloaded his unique business idea which will see him take a board seat alongside founder Duncan Cameron.

Rohan Sivajoti, whose LemonSqueezy concept aimed to provide online financial advice with an educational focus, has had his business snapped up before it even launched.

Sivajoti believes the deal will help turn his vision into a reality. It will see him take up a seat on the board of buyer eVestor, as well as taking an equity stake and salaried role.

eVestor, a digital financial advice offering aimed at inexperienced investors and those wanting to remain invested during retirement, was set up last year by founder Duncan Cameron and Paradigm Group co-founder Anthony Morrow.

Commenting on the deal Sivajoti said: “LemonSqueezy was an idea I had to provide online financial advice with an educational focus. 

“It’s crazy that in this country we’re taught the Pythagoras Theory at school, yet not how to buy a house!

“The principles and ideas I had for LemonSqueezy will run true in eVestor, and this opportunity gives me the expertise and financial capability to be able to get my message out there quicker and more efficiently.”

Sivajoti developed the business while at the Entrepreneurial Spark hatchery in Leeds. He said: “I’m very thankful for all the help and advice I have received through Entrepreneurial Spark – I still go in there every week to catch up with friends and learn from the Enablers and mentors.

“I’m looking forward to putting my entrepreneurial skills to use at eVestor, which is itself a new and exciting venture coming your way in October.”

Jim Duffy, founder and chief executive optimist at Entrepreneurial Spark, added: “It is fantastic to see our Chiclets across the country achieving real business success from an early age.

“We receive an incredible number of high quality applications to our Hatcheries every six months, and it’s difficult to whittle these down to just 80 per location.

“But as Rohan proves, with the right drive and #GoDo attitude those on board can truly go on to achieve great things.”