Further expansion for family gin brand

Further expansion for family gin brand

Edinburgh Gin, Scotland’s fastest growing gin brand, owned by husband and wife team Alex and Jane Nicol, has responded to recent customer demand with the expansion of its core range.

Seaside Gin (43% ABV) will now join Edinburgh Gin Original (43% ABV) and Navy Strength Cannonball (57% ABV) as part of the distiller’s permanent portfolio.

First launched in summer 2015, Seaside Gin started as a limited edition, sell-out run of 2,500 bottles.

An initial run of 6,000 70cl bottles, distilled with seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy, will retail across the UK.

The gin is part of a longstanding collaboration between Edinburgh Gin and Heriot-Watt University’s MSc in Brewing & Distilling, which aims to push boundaries and bring the science of distilling to the fore.

Making gin is a science, not an art,” explains co-founder Alex Nicol.

“It all sounds very romantic making your own gin, but a distillery is really just a giant chemistry set and you either do it well or you don’t.”

He added: “The expansion of our core range is testament to customer appetite for distinctly different gins that blend art and science.”