Pushing the boundaries of virtual reality

Pushing the boundaries of virtual reality

Tech firm Hammerhead VR is helping to push the boundaries of virtual reality, picking up new clients on the way.

Hammerhead VR was founded in 2014, by Teesside University graduate Christian Frausig with the help of a Fellowship from DigitalCity and the University’s graduate enterprise programme.

Based in Newcastle, with an office in London, the company now employs 17 people, to create pioneering cinematic, virtual reality and immersive content experiences from visualising the human genome, to travelling through a fridge.

One of the latest projects, launched at the Festival of Marketing 2015, was conceived and produced for global advertising agency, AMV BBDO, for their client Thunderhead, the cloud-based customer engagement platform.

Building on the creative concept by AMV BBDO, the VR experience available to view on Littlstar.com, puts the viewer at the helm of Thunderhead’s ship in a futuristic Norse world. The viewer flies through clouds on a metaphorical journey learning about the benefits of the technology.

AMV BBDO chief creative officer and chairman Paul Brazier said: “Hammerhead VR impressed me with their creative flair, speed, and quality of production. I couldn't have wished for a better partner.”

Christian Frausig said: “It’s been an incredible journey. We’re really proud of the work we’re producing, the team we’ve built, and the talent we’re attracting.

“One of our clients picked up an award at the Festival of Marketing for the Boursin Sensorium, which we created, which was great recognition for the team.

“Everything we’ve planned to do since launching has come to fruition. We’re hopeful that we will be one of the many DigitalCity Fellowship success stories.”

Frausig took part in Teesside University’s DigitalCity Fellowship scheme which supports entrepreneurs in developing their digital business product or idea. As well as support with living expenses, fFellows are also able to access industry-specific mentoring and coaching along with facilities and equipment at the University.

Cheryl Evans, DigitalCity programme manager, said: “Hammerhead VR are undertaking some extremely exciting projects and positioning themselves at the forefront of their industry.”