Arran Brewery invest in bottling line

Arran Brewery invest in bottling line

Arran Brewery has placed an order for its first bottling line after an investment of over £130,000.

The brewery, which currently sends tankers sound for bottling and only uses two small hand bottling machines, will see its own on-site bottling machine in operating by June 2016.

Managing director Gerald Michaluk said: “This facility will deal with all our non-core brands and development brands as well as providing a service to other small independent breweries.

“The handle bottling machines will not be scrapped but be moved to our small brewery “Devils Dyke” in Cambridge where they will get a new lease of life and be used to bottle very low volume experimental craft brand designed ales.”

The latest trade off figures reveal further success for the brand, showing Arran Blonde as Scotland’s fourth fastest growing ale brand in the top 15 ales sold in Scotland.