Vanacci to launch ‘fragrance-infused jewellery’

Vanacci to launch ‘fragrance-infused jewellery’

Yorkshire design firm Vanacci has applied for a patent for its new fragrance-infused jewellery and accessories ahead of a new crowdfunding campaign launching next month.

Vanacci's newest project is currently in its early stages, with a patent pending for the ‘Lockstone’ concept and a Kickstarter campaign set to launch very soon.

A Lockstone pendant can be used to soak up any fragrance, slowly releasing the scent of the cologne or perfume over time.

The life of the fragrance is extended by up to seven times, sustaining the aroma and doubling up as a chic, contemporary addition to any outfit.

Ryan Ward, a director of the Bingley-based firm, said: “We’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign on 3 May, and we look forward to gauging the appetite out there for this groundbreaking new concept.

“Our other Kickstarter projects have been wildly successful, with our most recent effort raising more than three times the necessary funds – we hope the Lockstone project can be equally successful, as we strive to create an artisan accessory that could change the market entirely.”

The campaign will be looking to crowdfund around £1,000 in order to buy base materials and equipment that will allow Vanacci to produce a full range of Lockstone accessories.

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