Google to open Digital Garage in Newcastle City Library

Google to open Digital Garage in Newcastle City Library

Google has announced that it will open a pop-up Digital Garage in Newcastle City Library where it will offer free digital training.

The Digital Garage will employ experts to deliver one-to-one training and digital masterclasses to anyone who wants to improve their career prospects and vocational skills, or people who want to grow their business online.

Google will also host bespoke training events for charities, lessons in computer science for students and teachers, and a range of other activities in partnership with local organisations.

Outside of the City Library, the team of digital trainers will visit the other districts of Newcastle and conduct training and mentoring in local communities.

The initiative is part of a multi-million pound investment outside of London, and aims to be a growth engine for 250,000 Brits, giving them crucial skills for the digital age.

In an additional effort to help young people develop the computing skills needed for the future, Google has invested in computer science in partnership with Code Club Pro, Computing at Schools (CAS) and Raspberry Pi to support training for thousands of teachers.

Cllr Joyce McCarty, Deputy Leader and digital lead for Newcastle City Council, said: “We are delighted that Google has chosen Newcastle to become one of only a handful of other cities in the country to benefit from the skill set and experience of its Google Garage.”

In a recent survey, over 88% of businesses that have previously visited the Digital Garage said they have changed the way they use the internet, while 68% of past visitors reported positive results, either in bookings, web traffic or social media followers.

Eileen Naughton, Google’s managing director for UK & Ireland said: “In the digital age, a basic understanding of how the online world works is useful; and when it comes to business, it’s essential.

“We are bringing the Google Garage to Newcastle because we believe Google can be a growth engine for businesses all across the UK - from start-ups to established companies.

"We are also welcoming individuals, be they recent graduates or aspiring entrepreneurs, to attend seminars at the Garage and learn more about how digital can help them grow.”

Newcastle City Library will host the Digital Garage five days a week from 22 April until early July.