Sofant gives off all the right signals

Sofant gives off all the right signals

A spin-out from the University of Edinburgh which has manufactured the world’s smallest mobile phone antenna has secured £1.54m in EU funding.

The investment will be used to take Sofant’s patented technology to market, potentially doubling the battery life of mobile devices and greatly reducing antenna energy usage.

With the funding, Sofant hopes to take their patented technology from the lab to market which could see it made available to phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung as early as 2018.

COO, Ahmed El-Rayis, said the innovative antenna has potential to vastly extend the reach of Wi-Fi signal, improving connectivity without draining the battery.

He said: “We call this a smart antenna because it has been designed to seek out the strongest signal and focus on it, rather than the current model that constantly radiates energy in all directions.

“We have been researching and planning this project for 10 years to perfect the design. This funding will enable us to take the product to foundry and we’re currently asking for tenders.

“We’re very excited about this new funding and see it as a real opportunity to impact on the future direction of the global smart phone industry and to create a market-leading company.

“We aim to have this product available to mobile phone manufacturers by 2018.”

The funding allows Sofant to develop its smart antenna to meet substantial international demand for smart antenna technology, a rapidly growing market estimated to be worth more than US$2.5bn by 2020.

Sofant was founded in 2011 by Ahmed El-Rayis, Nakul Haridas and Tughrul Arslan as a spin-out from The University of Edinburgh following seven years of research and development.