Innovate UK and HydroGarden invest in £1m project

Innovate UK and HydroGarden invest in £1m project

Coventry-based manufacturer HydroGarden has been awarded a grant worth £340,000 by Innovate UK to enable research and development for its vertical hydroponic farming system, VydroFarm.

HydroGarden will be co-funding the 12 month project by investing over £636,000 taking the total investment to almost £1m.

The VydroFarm plan will create a fully controlled commercial vertical hydroponic indoor system at HydroGarden’s Coventry site which is set to create additional jobs. 

The co-funding will enable it to take its VydroFarm through research and development and

establish it as a viable solution for commercial growers, both in the UK and internationally, in a bid to address worldwide food security challenges.

Stuart Green, director of HydroGarden said: “As demand for food is increasing globally at the same time as populations continue to concentrate in mega cities, the only viable way to meet the need is with locally produced crops, grown vertically to utilise all available space.  As this food has enriched nutritional content, less means more.

“Our products offer this solution and securing this grant will allow us to move to full commercialisation.”