Big players launch Fabrik game studio

Big players launch Fabrik game studio

Former Sony studio director Graeme Ankers has teamed up with Si Donbavand, ex-development director at PlayStation, to launch a new independent game studio called Fabrik.

Located at The Sharp Project, Manchester’s digital content production complex which is home to over 60 digital enrtrepreneurs, Fabrik occupies a 1,200 sq ft space and has 20 staff based in their Manchester studio, with bold ambition to grow.

Fabrik has also just announced their first game ‘Filthy Lucre’ which will be available on PS4, PC and PSVR later this year. Filthy Lucre allows players to overthrow a criminal empire through a series of heists. Scenarios will never play out the same way twice thanks to Fabrik’s artificial intelligence system.

“Every time you play a mission, it plays out differently,” says Kieran D’Archambaud, technical director. “Emergent AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each time.

“The choices you make in game have a consequence, your past actions cascade through the game world and will catch up with you...”

Watch the trailer here.

Graeme Ankers, CEO of Fabrik, said: “The approach of uniting new game development teams with our in-house expertise is already delivering great results.

"This fusion of experience meets new talent, combined with a passion for bringing new ideas and games to market makes Fabrik different.”

“Cutting edge technology companies are the engine of the Northern Powerhouse. Fabrik is revving the engine through hiring and working with the best people, making great games and publishing cool new experiences”

Si Donbavand, Fabrik’s development director added: “Creating this new studio is incredibly exciting for us and something we have dreamed of for a long time. To be based at The Sharp Project provides the perfect environment for us to grow and develop. 

“Having the Swedish gaming school, Playground Squad under the same roof allows us to easily tap into fresh local talent which is fantastic.

"We already have two new titles in development and will be working with teams across the globe to bring some of the world’s most exciting games to market.”  

Sue Woodward OBE, founder of The Sharp Project said: “Graeme and Si have an international reputation so it’s great to retain their talent here in the North West, enabling others to learn from their vast experience in this sector.

"Gaming is another significant digital sector for The Sharp Project and Fabrik’s arrival helps cement this.”