Polymer banknotes to enter circulation in September

Polymer banknotes to enter circulation in September

Clydesdale Bank’s award-nominated £5 polymer banknote, the first fully polymer note to enter circulation in Great Britain, is now in production and will begin to replace the paper £5 note from 15 September this year.

The full production polymer note is designed by De La Rue plc and manufactured on an innovative polymer substrate, Safeguard®.

The note also includes the Spark® Orbital™ security feature which appears as shiny ink in the shape of Scotland over a transparent window which changes colour as the note is moved and tilted.

David Duffy, chief executive officer of Clydesdale Bank, visited the production line at De La Rue to view the £5 polymer banknotes being created.

He said: “Our £5 polymer note has been extremely popular with the public, businesses and collectors and we’re looking forward to bringing it into full circulation. 

“We’ll also be introducing a new £10 polymer note in 2017.”

Clydesdale Bank is the largest issuer by volume of notes in Scotland. It introduces around £400 million worth of new notes every year and in 2015 reached the milestone of having more than £2 billion worth of notes in circulation on a single day.

Clydesdale Bank introduced the first fully polymer bank note to Great Britain in March 2015.