A breath of fresh air from North East entrepreneur

A breath of fresh air from North East entrepreneur

A North East entrepreneur has added to the region’s strong manufacturing heritage after creating a breakthrough invention that could tackle air pollution in the workplace.

After working on the project for two years Richard Baker has launched his new product, the Pure Pull Mobile, which is powered by compressed air to filter out fumes generated by machines and chemicals within the workplace leaving the air clean and breathable.

Assembled by an engineering company in Cramlington, the machine is easily transportable, meaning it can be taken to any work station.

“Like all good ideas they come from listening to the needs of your customers. It’s been a long process but we now have something which is high flow and high filtration,” said Baker.

“It’s very satisfying to have invented a product that can be manufactured in the North East of England, this is why the product has a Union Jack on it, Made in Britain, is something I am very proud of.”

With a history for working in the industry for over two decades, specialising in pneumatic control, Mr Baker launched his company, Pneumatics Northern, from a base at the North East Business and Innovation Centre in 1994.

Now, Baker is looking to the future, with hopes of the product being used throughout Europe.

He added: “The intention is to break into UK market first, and get the product established, and then grow an international customer base from right here at the BIC. 

“We are going to market with the Pure Pull Mobile first, and then we will introduce a static version that we have also developed called a Pure Pull Bench.

“I truly believe this is an innovative product which will hopefully lead to the development of further projects in the future.”

Director of operations at the BIC, David Howell said: “When Richard first moved to the BIC it was a far cry from the bustling business community we have today.

“It is true to say that the BIC and Pneumatics Northern have grown up together and to witness Richard’s continued success and appetite for developing innovative products in the North East is inspiring.”