A spray of success for Edson Electronics

A spray of success for Edson Electronics

Family-run firm, Edson Electronics, is expanding its range with the addition of a spray that puts an end to static electricity, and is expected to boost the company’s turnover by 15%.

Founded by entrepreneur Tony Edwards, the 79-year-old has invested over a decade’s worth of research and development into creating the new StatClear spray.

The firm, which also offers anti-static floor paint, Electroguard®, supplies household names across the world including Dell, Sony, Dyson, Google and Lidl.

Mr Edwards said: “The complex and important issues caused by static in the electronic and printing industries have long been recognised and it’s been a journey to find a cost-effective solution that removes static safely.

“StatClear can be sprayed easily onto any surface, and is perfect for coating static-generating bins, trays, shelving, benches, screens, glass, walls and packaging for static-sensitive materials.”

Thanks to a ‘secret formula’, Mr Edwards says it is nothing like any other product on the market.

StatClear is water-based and doesn’t contain any solvents or dangerous chemicals making it safe to use and fully biodegradable.

Day-to-day the firm is ran by Tony’s daughter, Susan Woods, and her husband, Neil, however they expect to be joined by a new team member to assist with the production and distribution of the new anti-static spray.

Managing director Neil said: “Statclear will give us an opening into new markets, including the packaging industry, across the world.

“We’ve already closed our first deal with a company based in New Zealand and are looking forward to becoming known as anti-static leaders across the world!”