The North is coming: Tech North bring us #GameofStartups

The North is coming: Tech North bring us #GameofStartups

Last November, digital champion Tech North chose ten businesses to be its Northern Stars, representing the best and brightest digital firms the North had to offer. Now, they're looking to ‘break the wheel’ and promote the Northern digital community to the rest of the world.

Six months in, Tech North is profiling those businesses to find out more about them and how their lives have changed, and there’s something very George R R Martin about it all.

Tech North brings us Game of Startups, profiling the businesses who won their last Northern Stars competition, and using the hashtag on Twitter to engage in conversation with firms about what the North has to offer.

Matt Jeffs-Watts, Northern Stars programme lead at Tech North, told us: “Northern Stars is all about discovering and shining a light on some of the most exciting early-stage tech startups in the North of England. The 10 winners from our 2015 competition have been on an incredible journey throughout the process, and this campaign is about them.

“There are all sorts of interpretations you could take from our #GameofStartups theme, but really it’s all about celebrating the ​strength, determination and world-class nature of the 10 winning startups, building their profile, and showing a bit of Northern personality in the process.”

The first two companies who got the full-on costume treatment were dating wizards (and not resident Littlefingers) M14 Industries and online communication kings (not just in the North) Gnatta.

Looking to the future, Matt added: “We’ll be kicking off this year’s Northern Stars application process in the coming weeks and are looking for an even wider range of early-stage startups to take part this time. To register your interest just visit our registration page and we’ll be in touch with further details as soon as we announce them.”

There are more faces in the halls (I’ll stop now) coming over the next few weeks.

(All further Game of Thrones-style puns welcome, directed to @BQSuzy on Twitter.)