Daden launches trio of virtual reality apps

Daden launches trio of virtual reality apps

Virtual reality specialist, Daden, has launched three virtual reality applications in one month following an impressive year for the company.

Two of the applications support Daden’s Virtual Field Trips project for Innovate UK, designed to prepare students going on field trips by allowing them to get to know the site beforehand and supporting classwork and revision after the trip.

Both apps are set in Carding Mill Valley on the Long Mynd in Shropshire, a popular fieldtrip site.

The third application, iCentrumVR, allows users to take a guided tour of Innovation Birmingham’s latest campus building, by moving their phone to look around a series of 360 degree photospheres, as well as accessing information about the building and its facilities.

All three of the mobile applications are free to download, and can be used with or without a Google cardboard Virtual Reality headset.

Based at Innovation Birmingham Campus, Daden has been providing 3D immersive applications for over a decade and recently expanded its team by 50% in response to increased demand.

David Burden, managing director at Daden, said: “The fact that we can release three virtual reality applications in a month shows how affordable we can now make this technology for organisations looking to promote their own venue or business, or to educate and train their own staff or students.

“It’s also testament to our staff that they can get to grips with these innovative technologies so quickly.

“These apps show that VR need not be confined to big brands and Hollywood style budgets, it is a marketing, sales and education tool which is very much here and now.”


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