Pitchfest: Alex Baker of CleanCar

Pitchfest: Alex Baker of CleanCar

CleanCar uses technology to provide information during the switchover process from petroldiesel to electric of hybrid vehicles. The firm has been selected to take part in this month's pitch fest in Birmingham. Alex Baker, of CleanCar, caught up with BQ to tell us a little bit more...

Describe your business in no more than 100 words.

CleanCar informs the switchover decision-making process from petroldiesel to electric or hybrid vehicles for the B2B Fleetcompany car driver (but also the private motorist).

It does this via a simple plug-in device that collects GPS data that is processed and analysed by the CleanCar platform which outputs an EV or PHEV suitability rating plus recommends the ideal vehicle specification to replace the ICE car based on journey pattern data.

This also includes a Whole Life Cost report that fully informs the buying decision making and in addition provides emission reduction estimates based on mileage and a proximity based charge point guide to the specific journey profile.

What are you looking to fund with this investment?

International expansion and further technology development

Who inspires you to do what you do?

Many business leaders have inspired me to create something worthwhile but in recent years it would be leaders such as Elon Musk at Tesla or the team at Google who are truly disrupting old business models and making a real difference to society in terms of jobs, wealth creation and positive environmental impact especially in the Automotive eco system.

Have you explored any other avenues of funding?

We have been approached by private Angel investors and VC’s and have looked at the possibility of crowd funding

How do you differentiate your business from others?

We are pretty unique in our field. Trailblazing you could say. What we do is in effect make a complex buying decision easy based on real world data.

Your regular car usage will indicate if an electric or hybrid car is right for your journey profile and transport needs.

CleanCar provides range anxiety comfort, a complete cost analysis with identified savings as well as a real measure on the emission reduction impact that you as an individual will make over time and usage.

Where do you see your company in five years time?

Our aim is to have a vibrant International business within a 5 year period operating across all continents helping both the private motorist as well as businesses make the right transport choices based on leading edge technology.

By then, sharing economies and smart cities will have developed fast and these are areas where CleanCar’s data insights, expertise and know how will provide knowledge that will power the connected car era we are just entering.

Who would your dream customers be?

Well for a start every one of the several million or so folks who will be buying electric cars in the next couple of years globally as well as those large Fleet operators and business car drivers who want to make an informed buying decision

How far is your product/service away from being market ready?

It's ready now. We are just at the green light stage of go to market.

What is the one thing you hope investors take away from your pitch?
That would have to be three key takeaways.

1. The sheer scale of the opportunity, 2. The simplicity of the user experience despite the complexity of the data analytics in the background and thirdly the potential ROI in monetary and environmental terms that CleanCar can deliver in the next 5 year period


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