Purple Pebble People bring training tool to the UK

Purple Pebble People bring training tool to the UK

Osset-based organisational development business, Purple Pebble People, is the first company in the UK to provide creative training tool, Points of You.

Points of You, originating from Israel, is already established in 147 other countries with more than 1000 organisations actively using the tool, including organisations like NASA, L’Oreal, Cirque de Soleil, Google and Wix.

Jamie Illingworth, co-owner and pathfinder at Purple Pebble People, is the only person in the UK to have been trained in Points of You.

Jamie was introduced to the tool last year and took the opportunity to become a certified trainer by attending a training event in New York.

He said: “Points of You is an amazing training tool, in Israel where the tool was developed it is used by the Military, Healthcare Service, Schools, Businesses and even in homes.

“Internationally NASA, Google, Wix and L’Oreal have adopted it as their preferred development tool. We are really excited about the potential for Points of You in the UK.”

Sylvie Geneau, assistant vice president at Cirque de Soleil said: “Points of You brings life and authenticity to coaching, team development, training and other company processes.

“It is a tool that represents an advance in how employees connect with themselves and with each other.”

Purple Pebble People will be holding a launch event on Thursday 23rd June so that selected Yorkshire businesses can be the first to engage with the creative training experience.

They are hoping to connect with innovative and creative organisations that are open to take their next step in Personal Development. 


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