UberEats app brings Londoners’ meals to them

UberEats app brings Londoners’ meals to them

Uber has launched its successful food delivery service in London for the first time.

UberEats will sell food from 150 restaurants that do not typically deliver in central London, using a network of bicycle and moped couriers. It’s taking on established competitors Just East and Deliveroo.

The launch of the service represents the latest expansion of the rapidly-growing start-up, which has spread to 20 UK cities since arriving in London in 2012, and hundreds globally.

The UberEats service will use a new  app, but connect to the same credit card account as the Uber car service does. Users will then be able to browse the menus of local restaurants, and order food to their location, determined by GPS.

Restaurant diversity means that UberEats won’t be just bringing you the same pizza and Chinese cuisine options; they’ll be bringing you the wares of sandwich shops and some of London’s more unique restaurants, as long as they’re open between 11am-11pm.

“I think people will come to UberEats for the same reasons they come to Uber in the first place,” said Alex Czarnecki, the general manager of UberEats in London. “This is going to be significantly faster than competitors.”

The launch in London follows cities in the US and Canada, Melbourne, Singapore and Paris. The service will initially launch in London’s Zone 1 but expand outwards. Czarnecki said it planned to extend to Zones 2-4 as well as other UK cities in the coming months.

Uber says it has signed up thousands of delivery couriers, who will be paid a per-mile and per-delivery rate that Uber says will be equivalent to £10 an hour. This compares to the £7 an hour and £1 per delivery Deliveroo pays its couriers in London.

Workers for both are classes as freelancers, so choose when to work and are not subject to minimum or maximum hours. Czarnecki said UberEats required moped drivers to have appropriate insurance and that cyclists would be given instructions on riding safely when they sign up.