Wine Picker has the bottle

Wine Picker has the bottle

Ever struggle to find the right bottle of wine whilst dining? Not to worry. Two young London entrepreneurs are helping solve the problem with tech startup Wine Picker.

Launching later this year, the Wine Picker app recommends the five most optimal choices from a restaurant’s wine list based upon your preferred colour and budget.

The app was launched by budding entrepreneurs Julien Sahut and Josselin Guibert following a debate about wine selection whilst playing foosball in London’s "Cafe Kick".

“We know that choosing wine in a restaurant can be quite a challenge when there is no seasoned sommelier to come to your rescue,” says Sahut, a sommelier who’s worked at distinguished restaurants including London’s China Tang at The Dorchester and the Michelin 2* Hibiscus.

“Wine Picker is the solution to a well-known problem that any person drinking wine has been facing,” added Guibert. “You’re sitting in a restaurant with the wine list in your hands and you have to pick a wine, not only are there sometimes some unpleasant surprises, but you could also be under social pressure (corporate dinner, date, etc.)

“This is when Wine Picker comes to your rescue, with each restaurant wine lists, using a smart proprietary algorithm taking into account both food match, price and wine rating you should master wine picking in no time.

“The algorithm goes through the whole wine list for you in seconds and comes up with the five best wines matching your criteria’s, so more time to learn about a small selection of wines and more time to enjoy your wine. Of course, it is important to remember what you like and what you don’t so every time you can write a tasting note and share your favourite picks with your friends.”

The app also assists with food pairings and features profiles where users can share personal tasting notes in-app and via social networks.

“We have developed a complete solution that will put the best-value wines in the UK and US just a few swipes away,” added Guibert, an avid wine enthusiast and finance professional.

The app is launching on iPhone and Android in the next two-three months and the duo are fairly confident of their ability to make it a success.

“The next big turning point is going to be the launch in around two-three months time, you can have the best application in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it’s like it does not exist,” said Guibert.

“Similarly, there are risks and we hope that it won’t disappoint, for example, a restaurant changing the wines of his wine list too fast. But we are pretty optimistic, the idea is completely new and nothing like that has ever been developed so we think that even if some tuning will be required users will be pleased with the results.”

BQ will continue to cover Julien and Josselin's story as the Wine Picker concept continues to grow.