Koseoglu has got the job for you

Koseoglu has got the job for you

After working in tech recruitment for several years, entrepreneur Daniel Koseoglu realised that attempting to recruit in a specialist sector required a specialist approach, which sparked the idea for his specialist recruitment business- Affecto.

Affecto delivers a range of knowledge and understanding of the tech sector, from years of working experience, to help talented individuals find their dream jobs, or take their business to the next level.

Its core divisions span creative, engineering, technology and enterprise, working with organisations across all industries.

“It sounds cheesy, but as many of the companies we work with are relatively young we see ourselves as integral to their growth,” said managing director Daniel.

“It’s rare to meet a business that doesn’t have its fair share of challenges when it comes to recruitment, and because ‘people’ are so fundamental to success we very much see ourselves as part of the solution!”

Based in Sheffield, most notably because of South Yorkshire’s “up-and-coming” reputation, Affecto was a home grown project, strengthened by feedback from clients and advice from other working professionals.

Daniel explained: “All the revenue from successful appointments at the beginning was re-invested into the business, and before long we started to grow.

“In 2014 the business really started to take off and I was able to move the business into a hub for start-up’s in Sheffield. We’ve actually now moved to even bigger premises as the company is growing at pace with a number of key appointments over the last few months.”

For Daniel, the dynamic of the team was also key to growing the business:  “I began with a graduate scheme participant, who was hugely enthusiastic and really moved us forward in our organisation but unfortunately he did not have enough experience in the recruitment side.

“I’m now working with a great team of senior recruiters and we’re looking to appoint several more during our next phase of development.”

Being a start-up, while providing flexibility, is now without its downsides, as Daniel points out: “Funnily enough, the worst thing about being a start-up is often being a start-up.

“We operate in a hugely competitive marketplace and it does take time to get the branding and communications right when it comes to candidate attraction.

“We’re working with some of the biggest tech companies in the region now though so we must be doing something right.”

Looking to the future, the firm is hoping to build upon its existing senior team, who in turn can help and develop the junior team members.

“For me, it is vitally important that in order to succeed I have a team that are engaged, invested and actively participate in the development of the business with the aim of educating those in the region about the digital sector in the process,” said Daniel.

“Further expansion, more exclusive appointments and turnover exceeding £400,000 is how I want to end 2016 and at the moment I’m feeling pretty positive we can do that.“



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