whym breaks down barriers

whym breaks down barriers

Communicating with stakeholders overseas can sometimes be a major problem, especially if your translator drops you in it unexpectedly. Luckily, London tech startup whym is looking to alleviate the stress caused by language barriers with a new smart phone app.

whym, based at WeWork Moorgate, is a new app providing business travellers and tourist’s with peace of mind when trying to communicate overseas.

Providing users with instant access to professional interpreters in over 10 languages, the whym app is like having an interpreter in your pocket.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – anywhere in the world, users pay a small fee for access to five minutes of interpreter talk time per month.

Should the time run out, users can simply purchase more time there and then – without leaving the app – making it easy to use in tricky situations.

whym marketing manager, Emilie Naudé, said: “As travel to other parts of the globe is made easier, people are travelling more and more. Although much of the world’s population speaks English, it is not advised to rely on the fact.

“whym provides a clever and simple solution for those who find themselves in an emergency situation – or those who need to communicate for business purposes.

“Providing fast and reliable translation services, users have the added peace of mind of knowing that should they find themselves in trouble, whym is there at their fingertips.”

Available on Android and IOS, whym officially launched on the market last year after six years of BETA testing and is already in use across the globe.