Aldi enlists firms to create beer ice cream

Aldi enlists firms to create beer ice cream

Lanarkshire-based brewery Beehive Brae has partnered up with Equi’s in Hamilton to create a new ice cream flavor to celebrate Beehive Brae’s Blonde Honey Beer being stocked in Aldi stores across Scotland.

Aldi tasked the team at Equi’s to create a new ice cream flavour using Beehive Brae’s Blonde Honey Beer in time for the retailer’s Summer Beer Festival.

The limited edition Blonde Honey Beer ice cream will be on sale at Equi’s in Hamilton throughout June and July.

Michael Whiteford, buying director at Aldi in Scotland, said: “It is very important to us at Aldi to give small breweries their first big break, allowing them a platform to showcase their fantastic craft beer.

“Scotland continues to produce some of the best craft beer on the market and the Beer Festival allows our customers the opportunity to try a wide array of beers that are not all readily available. We are sure this Beer Festival will be a great success for Aldi and the brewers involved.” 

Warren Bader, CEO and founder of Plan Bee Limited, said: “We’re delighted to be working with a local food producer with such a great history and reputation. Our Beehive Brae Honey Beer is an exciting new product in Scotland’s soaring craft beer market. 

“This unexpected combination will certainly get ice cream lovers buzzing with excitement. Aldi has been a great supporter of Scottish produce in recent years, and we’re delighted that they not only recognise the quality of our honey beer, but have had the foresight to partner us with Equi’s.”

David Equi, managing director at Equi’s, added: “We're really excited to launch a limited edition ice cream with Beehive Brae which will be on sale in our Hamilton shop. We love collaborating with Scottish companies and we were delighted with how well the full-bodied blonde ale worked with our ice cream.”


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