M14 encourages post-referendum love with Better Together Dating

M14 encourages post-referendum love with Better Together Dating

What do you do when you see an emerging niche in the UK population; namely, the 48% who voted to remain? Well, if you’re M14 industries, you help them to find love with their very own dating app!

The team who built the tech behind the Bristlr ‘tinder for beards’ app are already known for their great sense of humour, and their ability to think outside the box when it comes to the application of their technology.

And it didn’t take long after the referendum result for people to start asking them how they could filter out those with opposing views from their quests to find love online.

M14 leader John Kershaw polled social media followers, quickly determining that 78% of remainers – people who voted to remain in the EU referendum - wouldn’t want to date someone who voted leave.

And so, in less than 24 hours, BetterTogetherDating.eu went live.

“Better Together Dating is a dating service specifically for those who agree Britain is stronger in Europe,” said John. “It's for people who like to travel, embrace other cultures, and enjoy learning about the diversity our great continent has.”

Whilst a spoof page claiming to advertise this kind of service has done the rounds on social media, this is the real thing – it’s live, it’s working, and it’s here to stay.

“We wouldn't exist as a company without the EU. Our team is made up of children of immigrants, people here on EU visas, and people with European families. The vote hit us all hard, and we want to channel that energy into something positive,” John tells BQ.

“Everyone we've seen react to Better Together Dating has loved it. We're intentionally giving it a positive and optimistic tone; a lot of people need that right now.”

M14 Industries is a growing tech firm based in Manchester, who have just raised funding as they pursue a range of projects based on their easily-adaptable platform. An alumni of the Ignite100 accelerator, they’re also a Tech North Northern Star.  

“It's a great example of where M14's tech is at,” John concluded. “This project went from idea to completion within 24 hours and without breaking a sweat. Something we can deliver to anyone.”

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