Peak Aerial takes off after landing £25,000 microloan

Peak Aerial takes off after landing £25,000 microloan

Teesside-based digital imaging specialists, Peak Aerial have secured a £25,000 loan via the Finance for Business North East Microloan Fund.

Peak Aerial specialise in the provision of digital inspection and imaging techniques using expert drone technology.

Peak Aerial focus on the industrial sector, carrying out the inspection of buildings, plants and equipment at a height.

The company was founded in 2014 and is led by director Paul Kitchener who spent 4 years running Peak Image Studio and working as a professional photographer before creating his new venture, Peak Aerial.

Paul previously serviced a range of corporate and private clients and was appointed to manage the national contract for Tesco’s PR photography.

Paul said, “The microloan injection has enabled PEAK Aerial Inspection & Imaging to invest in the relevant training and the latest drone technology, using industry experts and our experience as professional photographersvideographers we can now offer a one stop solution to industrial inspections at height, saving man hours and shutdown time whilst minimising the initial risk to human life.”

The loan secured from the Fund will enable Peak Aerial to expand into other sectors that can benefit from the use of drone technology.

Peak Aerial has identified a number of areas where proven and tested consultants can add significant value to the standard photography and videography service offerings.

James Holloway, investment executive commented, “Paul is a highly experienced photographer with an excellent reputation in the region.

“Combining his skills with the exciting drone technology will allow the business to expand into a lot of new sectors, and we look forward to seeing what he does next.”