KwikSweep looks to clean up London

KwikSweep looks to clean up London

Tech startup KwikSweep is looking to tackle the fly tipping epidemic that is plaguing the capital with the launch of a new waste disposal app.

Last year six London boroughs were in the top 10 worst areas for fly tipping incidents in the UK and KiwkSweep is looking to clean up the city’s act. 

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows users to book next-day services, take photos and videos of their junk for bespoke quotes, and instantly book a collection anywhere in London.

It caters for homes, businesses, garages, gardens, and even removes fly-tipped waste from streets and public areas.

Earl Mensah, founder and CEO, said: “For too long fly tipping has been a blight on London’s streets but now with this handy service there is no excuse for it whatsoever. My hope is that everyone can use this app to help keep the city clean up its act.”

KwikSweep collects waste in any area of London, so residents don’t have to waste time looking up a local tip.

“The world has a waste problem with too much going to landfill and not being recycled,” Mensah added.

“We hope that by using our service not only will rubbish be properly removed it will be disposed of in a way that doesn’t cause more harm to the environment.”

Research has shown that 38% of fly tippers do it because they don’t know where they should dispose of waste but with the KwikSweep App, rubbish is conveniently collected from the source.

Other reasons given for dumping rubbish include not knowing it was illegal (28%), it being the easiest option (22%), the high cost of disposal (16%) and because they could get away with it (11%). 


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