myOrb comes to life

myOrb comes to life

After three years in development, Guildford entrepreneur Tirath Bansal has finally brought his myOrb technology to market, and it is being well received...

If your business life on the web is just getting too cluttered or you are worried about privacy, then you need an Orb.

MyOrb was set up in Guildford by Tirath Bansal and has been in development mode for the last three years.

The company’s remarkable new product is a far-sighted application that takes a unique view of how files and web content are stored by users of the internet.

MyOrb wanted to use the latest emerging technologies to solve a significant problem for internet users by creating a platform that allows users to store and share any type of information within a single desktop environment.

“It is estimated that we waste 19% of our time tracking down information needed to complete tasks,” said Tirath.

“MyOrb allows you to gather together any type of information from any source into private spaces, which means everything is in one place on every device so you can always start where you left off. It frees up vital thinking space and increases focus, creativity and productivity even when you have been away from a task for some time.”

They have used around 400 test users in the UK to prove that the product is highly scalable and resilient.

“They have used the platform daily and the user count is slowly growing through organic referrals,” said Tirath.

“We are initially targeting 100,000 users of myOrb.”

The amazing potential of the product is being realised with the help of Enterprise M3 Growth Champion Prem Gyani, who has packed many years of experience into his career and has plenty of praise for Tirath and his team.

He said: “The product is as stable as can be expected and it’s undoubtedly a breakthrough use of HTML5 technology. There is a clear need for the platform as more and more companies and users migrate over to a cloud platform and away from desktop and server environments.

“If successful, this has the potential of putting Guildford and Surrey on the map of world-changing internet technology start-ups – I am not aware of any competitors or any developments in this area that are as far advanced.

“MyOrb is run by an MD driven to deliver a 100% quality product and he has been working so hard to hit that 100%, launch a product and then incrementally improve it.

“We will be focusing on marketing and adoption and I have put them in touch with a number of my contacts who can offer financing options through VC or angel funding routes.”

Among the potential markets for myOrb are collaboration between students working on shared projects and compiling complex revision notes, research gathering and creative agencies who are always on the move and updating their work.

Prem’s key work with myOrb covered three main areas where he has particular experience – sales, marketing and finance. 

“An overarching sales strategy will help the company get to its goals of winning higher education, creative industry and corporate accounts,” he said.

“And that will dovetail with a marketing strategy that will enable myOrb to deliver end user growth and platform visibility. Then we can support that with a longer-term financing strategy.”

Prem has spent his whole career gathering experience and knowledge and is now keen to pass that one to new businesses.

“I had a 32-year career in IT, working for different companies all over the world and I am now doing what I want to do – getting involved in a number of incredible projects which I do because I like the people and think their work is amazing. 

“Thankfully, there is no shortage of people who want me to help them and with my experience, I can step into those projects and come up to speed with them quickly.”

Tirath is a big supporter of the Growth Hub model and said Prem’s input had been “massively useful”.

He said: “We have only just launched, so it is still early days for us, but it is always so good for younger firms to have that sort of support. To be able to bounce ideas around with someone like Prem, with his level of experience, has been very important for us.”