Making work better with Motivii

Making work better with Motivii

Digital entrepreneur and angel investor Eamon Tuhami is looking to make work better for employees across the globe with his start-up Motivii. BQ found out how he hopes to make it happen...

Eamon Tuhami’s track record includes helping launch Experian’s consumer division and growing it into a £100m business and agreeing one of the first big advertising deal with Facebook in the UK.

The digital entrepreneur has also created and run multiple agencies, worked for AOL, WGSN, Virgin, VisualDNA and is an investor in London start-ups, Glisser, Zzish, Driftrock and Loyalty Bay.

Early last year however, Tuhami decided to quit his day job and go it alone with the launch of a new business idea that was lingering at the back of his mind.

Tuhami said: “Traditional annual ways of understanding employees such as surveys or appraisals don’t work. They lead to adhoc feedback creating very little value for the employees and managers who are involved.

“At the same time managers are put under pressure to get more out of their teams every week, but rarely have the tools to facilitate constant team feedback or understanding on how they are doing as a manager. This lack of support in becoming a better manager leads to poor team performance, higher turnover and lost productivity.”

This led to the launch of Motivii, a London-based tech start-up offering a micro review and feedback platform for employees that improves performance and results at work.


“Motivii is a micro review and feedback platform that improves how employees and manages support each other,” said Tuhami.

“It helps employees manage themselves better through a quick weekly review process while managers get access to tools that help them understand their team faster, become better managers and create higher performing teams.

“Importantly senior management can also aggregate access real time people analytics. This helps improve understand of what their people feel, what is impacting them and what they should do to make work better.”

Having already won over a string of major clients just six months since going live, Tuhami now has ambitious plans for the Shoreditch-based company which already employs a team of seven.

“Motivii's mission is to make work better. We aim to become an essential business tool in improving how employees and managers interact,” said Tuhami.

“According to a recent survey by Gallup only 13% of people feel motivated at work. Our mission is improve this number and make work better, both in the UK and beyond.

“It's not rocket science, encourage employees to better manage themselves and ensure managers get feedback on how their team feels will improve not just motivation but also performance.”

BQ will continue to cover Motivii’s journey as the company continues to revolutionise the way company’s communicate with their staff.



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