£400,000 Investment maintains market edge at Met

£400,000 Investment maintains market edge at Met

Leeds based Met Consultancy Group has invested over £400,000 to meet growing demand for site surveying services.

The investment in Global Positioning (GPS) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies enables the surveying and engineering specialist to deliver more accurate results in shorter time scales.                     

Director of geophysics & utility mapping, Sam Roberts said: “We are responding to industry demand for faster, more accurate site surveying and accessible data recording.

“Demand for land and building surveys has grown significantly over the last 18 months with clients seeking to promote new and dormant schemes to market as quickly as possible and we’re experiencing this across all sectors.”

The investment is expected to bring significant service cost savings, while the GPS positioning technology removes the need to set out a survey grid, reducing the time required to conduct site investigations. The new GPR systems improve the detection of hard to find buried utilities avoiding costly project delays further down the line.

“The ability to respond quickly to new site instructions is crucial for our business and this latest investment gives us the capacity in-house to address multiple applications. It means we can get to site quicker, work more efficiently and achieve better results.” says Sam Roberts.

Met Consultancy Group has also recruited an additional 13 surveyors and two engineers this year to meeting increased client demand bringing the total staff numbers based at its Leeds office to 57.


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