MPI leads innovation for UK metals

MPI leads innovation for UK metals

The Materials Processing Institute (MPI) has taken the lead for innovation on the UK Metals Council

Chris McDonald, chief executive of the Materials Processing Institute has been appointed as the innovation lead for the UK Metals Council.

The Council is one of the UK’s key industry-sector councils, and gives advice directly to government ministers on the needs of businesses in the metals sector and the supply chain.

As the innovation lead, McDonald will be responsible for developing a medium and long-term innovation strategy for the metals sector, identifying where government support is required and enabling government to understand how best to support the sector.

Teesside-based MPI is a not-for-profit company, which works with industrial innovators to conduct research to enhance materials and industrial processes. It also continues to make specialist steel at the Normanton Plant at its facility on Teesside.

Chris McDonald said: “The Materials Processing Institute takes pride in its position at the forefront of industrial innovation in the UK and across the world. In recent weeks, the Institute has hosted delegations of steelmakers from Germany and Sweden because of our world-leading expertise.

“Taking a lead on innovation at the Metals Council will enable the Institute to speak up for the metals sector, applying our knowledge and research to the benefit of UK industry.”


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