New technology helps managers protect lone workers

New technology helps managers protect lone workers

South Yorkshire lone worker experts Peoplesafe have launched mobile software designed to help employers keep their staff safe on the go.

Mobile Vision will help employers to monitor their employees on the move, and pick up on any emergency alerts through their mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile Vision is a slimmed down version of Vision, Peoplesafe’s online portal accessible from desktop computers.

The new mobile tool allows field-based managers and staff to use its features whilst away from the office.

Managers will be able to view crucial information that shows which employees are logged in or out of a system, and allow them to pinpoint their exact whereabouts in an emergency. There is also access to the last four days’ data.

Jake Adams, product manager at Peoplesafe, said: “Our team of developers is always working hard to find ways of harnessing advances in technology that will keep us one step ahead when it comes to protecting lone workers.

“This new tool will make it easier for employers to get the best out of their investment into lone worker safety solutions, by being able to monitor usage on the go. It quite literally puts control directly into the palms of their hands.”

Mobile Vision is designed to be used alongside the desktop version of Vision, which allows users to make changes to the system. Desktop users can also access more in depth reports, helping to monitor and promote device usage.

Peoplesafe provides simple and lightweight equipment, monitoring services and safety training, aimed at keeping employees safe. 



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