Investing in the future of golf

Investing in the future of golf

Coventry Golf Club has teamed up with a specialist golf tech marketing operation to deliver a range of new features to boost the experience for visitors and members.

Leeds-based Whole-in-one Golf will deliver advanced technologies including new GPS systems for its buggies, hole-by-hole 3D flyovers and new smartphone apps.

Club secretary, Kay Forrest, said: “We’ve always been a forward-thinking club and we’re very excited to bring these improvements to Coventry Golf Club.

“Technology in golf has come on enormous strides and we need to embrace that to attract a new golf market, but also ensure longstanding members and returning visitors get the very best golf experience, both on and off the course.”

The partnership with Whole-in-one Golf will also see the installation of new TVs into the clubhouse and a new content management system.

Whole-in-one Golf utilises the new platforms it installs at clubs to generate advertising, sponsorship and corporate opportunities.

Dan Weir, director at Whole in One Golf, said: “Coventry Golf Course is steeped in history and is one of the leading English courses.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting them with these additions which will add a contemporary dimension to the players’ on course experience and the off-course facilities.

“Our operation not only helps golf courses achieve that, but opens them up to new corporate and funding streams. It’s a simple, no cost opportunity for any course looking to improve their appeal in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.”


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