Innovative technology allows car to drive itself anywhere

Innovative technology allows car to drive itself anywhere

Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated innovative technology that would allow a future autonomous car to drive itself over any surface or terrain.

The multi-million pound autonomous all-terrain driving research project aims to make a self-driving car that can tackle any environment, on or off road.

Tony Harper, head of research at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Our all-terrain autonomy research isn’t just about the car driving itself on a motorway or in extreme off-road situations. It’s about helping both the driven and autonomous car make their way safely through any terrain or driving situation.

“We don’t want to limit future highly automated and fully autonomous technologies to tarmac. When the driver turns off the road, we want this support and assistance to continue. In the future, if you enjoy the benefits of autonomous lane keeping on a motorway at the start of your journey, we want to ensure you can use this all the way to your destination, even if this is via a rough track or gravel road.

“So whether it’s a road under construction with cones and a contraflow, a snow-covered road in the mountains or a muddy forest track, this advanced capability would be available to both the driver and the autonomous car, with the driver able to let the car take control if they were unsure how best to tackle an obstacle or hazard ahead. We are already world-leaders in all-terrain technologies: these research projects will extend that lead still further.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s researchers are working on new sensing technologies that will be the eyes of the future autonomous car. Because the sensors are always active, this advanced sensing will ultimately give a vehicle the high levels of artificial intelligence required for the car to be able to plan which route it should take, on any kind of terrain.

The technology can also be used to link vehicles together, in a convoy, using wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications system.

Tony Harper said: “This V2V communications system can seamlessly link a convoy of vehicles in any off-road environment. If a vehicle has stopped, other vehicles in the convoy will be alerted – if the wheels of drop into a hole, or perhaps slip on a difficult boulder, this information is transmitted to all of the other vehicles. In the future, a convoy of autonomous vehicles would use this information to automatically adjust their settings or even change their route to help them tackle the obstacle.”


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