Intelligent Point of Sale to compete with major EPOS providers

Intelligent Point of Sale to compete with major EPOS providers

Intelligent Point of Sale, the Scottish start-up that developed the UK’s first cloud-based, iPad electronic point of sale (EPOS) application, is now set to challenge the world’s major EPOS players.

The latest version of the company’s app, intelligentpos Version 4.0, which launched this week, rivals the features of the market leaders while remaining less than £40 per month per subscription.

Version 4.0 of intelligentpos represents a complete overhaul of the product, making it faster with more in-depth reporting. It now includes another level of online management and two-way synchronization allowing shop owners to create, edit and manage products, prices and categories remotely, either through the iPad or Backoffice, automatically publishing these to any other terminals in the business.

All the upgrades to 4.0 are the direct result of the Intelligent Point of Sale ‘feature vote’, an online forum allowing customers to play a part in the company’s product development plans.

The app’s development has been made possible by an injection of more than £500k in investment funding at the end of last year and a rapidly growing customer base.  Intelligent Point of Sale is increasing subscriptions to its service at twice the rate of sign-ups six months ago and posted a turnover in excess of £1m in 2015, only its second year of trading. It now employs over 40 staff, half of these in engineering.

Paul Walton, co-founder of Intelligent Point of Sale and CTO, said: “We have made the transition from start-up to a position from where we can compete in the top league. We stripped back the software and re-built it, up-scaled it and introduced the functionality that our customers told us they wanted. 

“We have introduced a full range of cloud-based EPOS functionality while completely overhauling reports. Each report now offers better and more detailed insights, easier time period navigation and, wherever possible, easier to understand, aesthetically friendly graphs. You can export your data and navigate your transactions even more seamlessly, with a much clearer grasp on exactly what’s what.”

Co-founder and CEO, Robin Knox, added: “Having come from the retail and hospitality sector, I know the pressures on small businesses so our mission has always been to put big business tools into the hands of companies of all sizes and technology allows us to do this.

“The latest evolution of our software is a major step forward and will now put us on the radar of businesses of all sizes.

“Our ambition is to stay ahead of the competition, provide a better service and product for our customers and for that reason we will continue to innovate to make the lives of business owners easier.”


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