Aberdeen welcomes Fierce Beer

Aberdeen welcomes Fierce Beer

Aberdeen’s only micro brewery has officially been launched thanks to a six-figure investment.

Fierce Beer was established in April 2016, with £250,000 of investment into the new brewery premises using the owner’s redundancy pay offs, as well as some initial help from a few small investors.

Beginning life as a home-brew sized business operating from Great Western road last year selling products to local craft beer bars, Fierce Beer is now located at its micro brewery site in Kirkhill Industrial Estate in Dyce, Aberdeen.

The micro brewery, setup only two months ago by managing director Dave Grant and operations director David McHardy, has already produced over 20,000 litres of beer.

It already has eight beers within its core range, which can be found in bars across the UK.

Operations Director McHardy, said: “We have both been passionate about brewing ever since we purchased our first home brewing kits a few years ago. When I met Dave on a brewing course in England it was clear to me then that we would be working in the brewing industry together very soon.”

Thanks to its recent growth, the company recently decided tolease the premises next door to house further expansion, with plans to open an off-sales bottle shop, tasting tours, and provide extra storage space to store barrel-aged beers.

Managing director of Fierce Beer, Dave Grant, said: “We are delighted to have made this push into the brewing industry and have invested a lot of time and money into the brewery to ensure the highest quality of produce is used when creating our beers.

“Fierce is all about the flavour and we’re really looking to excite people’s palettes with our new brews. Our beers have been very popular and I think food and drink enthusiasts will really enjoy how different they are.”

Some of the beers produced by the brewery include Ginja Ninja, Cranachan Killer, Dirty Sanchez as well as its latest brew to launch mid July, Fuego Feroz - a spiced pale ale with habanero chilli and fresh lime. 

“We called the company Fierce Beer because we want the tastes to be in your face. If it’s a raspberry beer, we want you to taste the raspberry, and I truly think we’ve got something completely different to what’s available on the market at the moment,” Mr Grant explained.

“Launching Fierce to the public has been extremely exciting, and we carried out a lot of research initially, investigating the best local ingredients and the most effective way to bottle our beers, all of which has been really important,” added McHardy.

“We have managed to gain the support of a number of larger craft beer breweries and businesses which has been incredible, and I am looking forward to seeing how the company progresses over the next few months.”



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