Bon Accord is back

Bon Accord is back

An old favourite Scottish soft drinks brand has been revived and reinvented four generations later by the granddaughter of itsoriginal founders.

Bon Accord, a drinks manufacturer founded in 1909 by the Robb family, has been reimagined to meet the needs of modern day consumers, removing sugar in favour of natural sweeteners and real fruit juices aimed at the health-conscious customer.

Originally based in Arbroath, Bon Accord had a fleet of trucks well known for distributing their crates of glass bottles to households across Scotland, one of three major soft drink manufacturers in Scotland alongside AG Barr and James Dunbar.

Now, Bon Accord is back thanks to Karen Knowles and her business partner Nathan Burrough, however is stepping into the modern market with a new image and a new recipe.

“When I was pregnant and out with family and friends, I was struck by how uninspiring soft drinks were and how much sugar was in them,” said Bon Accord director Karen. “It felt like there was a real lack of choice for adults. Noticing this gap in the market was the inspiration behind bringing back Bon Accord.”

The new range of soft drinks, a cloudy lemonade and rhubarb, are both sweetened with natural ingredients, containing no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

The firm has also created a tonic water.

Karen added: “Having worked in the food industry for the last 10 years, I began to realise that I had the skills to revive the brand with new high quality recipes aimed at adults.

“We have produced a range of drinks which can be enjoyed on their own or as mixers to your favourite tipple."

Bon Accord co-director, Nathan Burrough said: “People are more clued-up on what they drink and it was our priority to make soft drinks to savour, drinks which are made with natural ingredients and are lower in sugar. 

“The new tax pushes producers to think about the ingredients they use and we are already ahead of the game.  This is a really exciting time to be a part of the food and drink industry in Scotland. Bon Accord is back and better than ever.”



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