M jumps on Pokémon boom

M jumps on Pokémon boom

Award winning restaurant chain M is capitalising on the popularity of the new Pokémon Go craze with the launch of its very own Pokémon themed cocktail menu.

The Pokémon Go craze is taking the world by storm and now boasts more active daily users than the Twitter app. 

As users across the UK flock to local landmarks in a bid to catch virtual monsters and receive prizes, businesses across the nation are looking for ways to capitlaise on the craze.

One business leading the way is steak and cocktail restaurant M, on London's Victoria Street, which has launched a unique Pokémon themed cocktail menu.

Every Friday throughout the month of August, M will be inviting those aged 21 and over to drop by and show the bar staff which one of the four starter Pokémon are their favourite.

As a reward, they will then receive a complimentary colour-matched cocktail, like the one pictured above concocted in honour of fire Pokémon 'Charmander.'

What’s more, if guests catch a Pokémon in or outside the M Wine Store, they will be gifted a £25 voucher to be redeemed at the restaurant.

Speaking about the campaign, Martin Williams, founder of M, said: “The power of Pokémon has introduced a new younger demographic of guests to M, who previously may have felt intimidated by the quality and reputation of the two London M venues - it has been a great success.”


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