Students seek investment for social media start up

Students seek investment for social media start up

Two University of Huddersfield students who met while attending sessions for ambitious entrepreneurs have teamed up to create an innovative social media platform that they believe could have a global impact.

Alex Malkin and Dale Green have now launched Bithive as a new business venture and are seeking investment to employ staff in order to accelerate the development process, which involves coding a website and app.

The platform allows people to create online communities about their common interests, for topics such as video games, movies, music, celebrities, hobbies, tourism or even physical communities, such as villages or schools.

Co-founder Alex Malkin said: “There isn’t really a platform at the minute that focuses just on communities on the internet.

“Facebook does have ‘groups’, but it’s not its main feature, and there are a lot of problems, such as the fact that Facebook forces people to use their real names.”

Co-founder Dale Green said: “The Facebook experience is centred on individual users. Bithive is all about the community”.

Both Alex and Dale describe themselves as “proud nerds” who have been immersed in computers, coding and website development since their early teens.

Dale – in charge of technical development at Bithive – already has a company named Greeny Games and Alex has previously created an online video game journal called LambdaGeneration.  

Seeing the success of their individual ventures, the foudners realised there was a gap in the cyber market for a dedicated, user-friendly platform that would make it easy to set up communities where people could share ideas, gossip and information about their chosen topics.

The pair has already received a boost by winning £1,000 at a pitching session that was part of an Investment Readiness Programme hosted by West Yorkshire Society of Chartered Accountants.  

The Bithive duo recently moved into a dedicated office in the Media Centre in Huddersfield, where they are both working on Bithive full-time.  They aim to secure an investment by the end of the year that will enable them to build a strong team to develop, launch and maintain the platform. 


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