Scientists give tea a superfood boost

Scientists give tea a superfood boost

Food scientists from Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Edinburgh have teamed up with artisan tea company, eteaket, to produce a one of a kind superfood tea.

The new tea blend contains Sea buckthorn, which grows wild along Scotland’s coastline and contains an array of unique vitamins, minerals and bio-active substances not found in standard tea.

Despite having been widely used as a healthy ingredient in juices and jams already, this is the first time that sea buckthorn berries have been used to make tea.

Experts from the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation at QMU have helped eteaket to produce this punchy new flavour by blending dried cranberries and sea buckthorn berries with a mellow hibiscus flower.

With a background in researching and supporting the development of Scotland’s food and drink businesses, eteaket chose QMU as an academic partner to develop its new product.

Miriam Smith, business development manager at QMU, said: “We’re very proud to have supported eteaket in getting this unique sea buckthorn variety of tea to market.

“By working with businesses like eteaket, QMU’s Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation is enhancing Scotland’s position as a leader in food and drink innovation in Europe and supporting access to the global market for healthy and functional food. 

“Through practical innovation support and creative business solutions, QMU is helping Scotland’s leading food and drink businesses with new and innovative product development and analysis; as well as the development of leading edge functional, health enhancing products and ingredients and formulation of existing products.”

Erica Moore from eteaket, said: “We’re constantly looking to innovate with our tea, always searching for the latest weird and wonderful ingredient, flavour combinations and brewing techniques. 

“On the quest for a distinctive new ingredient for a tea blend, we joined the QMU Sea Buckthorn Common Interest group, which is sparking an interest in this native plant.  We felt that sea buckthorn is greatly overlooked in terms of its health benefits, nutritional properties and unique flavour.  Working alongside the QMU and the group, we hope that the distinctive Scottish sea buckthorn can flourish here in Scotland.” 

The new eteaket Sea Buckthorn Blend is now available at its Frederick Street Tea Room in Edinburgh, where it also features as one of its Cold Brews.  


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