Yorkshire hairdresser faces the dragons

Yorkshire hairdresser faces the dragons

A Yorkshire entrepreneur took a brave step last night as he stood before the five dragons of BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

David Audsley, a hairdresser who has owned a salon since the age of 19, decided to raise awareness of his product, DAIO, an appliance designed to tackle the growing safety problems surrounding intensely hot hair appliances.

Unfortunately, he did not receive the investment he had hoped for, however he has managed to raise awareness of the dangers of straighteners and other heated hair appliances.

Popular heated hair appliances take as little as 15 seconds to reach a maximum temperature of 230⁰C and up to 40 minutes, after they’re switched off, to be safe to touch.

Audsley realised, as a father of two, that these perilously hot appliances are often left on the floor or furniture within easy reach of children and pets.

There is also the possibility of hair straighteners scorching carpets or furniture, or triggering more devastating fire damage – and that nagging doubt is experienced by many who, after leaving the house, can’t help wondering whether they’ve remembered to switch the straighteners off.

 “Originally I was inspired because my wife wanted to be able to store her straighteners

somewhere neatly and tidily but, more importantly, out of harm’s way of our two young children,” he explained.

 “Our aim is to try to eliminate burns to children caused by hair styling appliances and to reverse the upward trend in house fires and property damage attributable to straighteners.”

The DAIO is made up of two cylindrical appliance holders made of high quality silicone that will sustain a constant temperature of 300⁰ C for up to three weeks.

These two receptacles are located side-by-side in a small oblong heat-resistant plastic plate which is attached to a bracket for fixing to surfaces in the home or hair salon.

The DAIO allows straightening irons and curling tongs can be safely stored while they are heating up, during use and cooling down.

“Almost everyone we speak to has a story to tell about issues with straighteners including Touker Suleyman and Peter Jones,” continued David.

“We’ve also had such fantastic feedback from everyone who has already bought a DAIO and my clients are among the biggest fans. In fact, the only reason I was on Dragons’ Den is because one of my clients brought in the application forms!”.

And despite not receiving the funding he was searching for, David isn’t giving up on DAIO just yet.

“I wasn’t really given a hard time by the Dragons and they didn’t criticise the DAIO. It was the financials that seemed to put them off.

“So I may not have got what I asked for but I’m certainly not giving up! I just know that it will be a success.” 



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