Yorkshire companies strengthen iconic bridge

Yorkshire companies strengthen iconic bridge

An iconic Scarborough bridge has been given a new lease of life following the completion of innovative structural work which has increased its maximum load limit, all in less than four weeks.

The work on Scarborough’s Peasholm Glen Bridge was carried out by Yorkshire companies PBS Construction, structural strengthening specialist Fibrwrap Construction, a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation, and Leeds based Adept Consulting Engineers, which produced detailed engineering designs for the project.

As part of the work, more than 1000 square metres of carbon fibre mixed with a high quality resin was applied to the bridge as an alternative to using traditional strengthening materials such as concrete or steel. This was done via a unique scaffold structure that Hull based Bambu Scaffolding designed underneath the bridge and over Peasholm Beck.

Erol Erturan, managing director at Adept, says: “Peasholm Glen Bridge opened in 1932 and was initially designed to accommodate far less traffic than it regularly receives today. As a result, its weight load limit was just 7.5 tonnes.

“Reinforcing the entire deck of the bridge, as well as several key loading areas has now increased the weight load limit to 40 tonnes, which is hugely impressive in such a short space of time.”

Fibrwrap Construction’s general manager for the United Kingdom, Jamie Dempster, says: “This was a complex project due to the location of the bridge, the weather and the fact it’s over water. However, we had a highly experienced team on board and we’re delighted to complete it on time and within budget. 

“Using carbon fibre to reinforce the bridge was an obvious solution because installing concrete or steel would have been extremely time consuming and largely unfeasible in such a challenging location. Carbon fibre remains one of the world’s most innovative materials, and I am confident it will stand the test of time on this bridge.”  

Fibrwrap Construction operates globally and has offices in Leeds, Hull, Northampton and London.

Its 25 years of experience in structural strengthening, concrete repair and the carbon fibre strengthening industry, enables it to work on a wide range of structures including buildings, waterfront structures, industrial sites, transport infrastructure and pipelines.

Adept was founded in 2007 and employs a team of 30 people in Leeds, Manchester and London, predominantly working across the commercial, warehousing, retail, educational, healthcare and residential sectors.


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