Hunting boosts its offshore portfolio

Hunting boosts its offshore portfolio

Energy services specialist Hunting, which has a base in Aberdeen, has expanded its equipment portfolio with a new surface pressure control valve which will provide significant cost savings and reduce operational risk.

Hunting PLC , an international energy services provider which manufactures and distributes products to the oil and gas sector, has been awarded the license for the new valve from Aberdeen-based Interventek Subsea Engineering.

The valve, named the Ezi-Shear Seal, is used in offshore operations and provides a compact, reliable and quick mechanism for the shearing of slickline, wireline, capillary or coiled tubing when sealing wellbore during intervention operations.

It also offers a cutting and sealing capability for standard, offshore or high-pressure applications.

The addition of the Ezi-Shear Seal to Hunting’s pressure control portfolio is the latest piece of well intervention technology offered by the company.

Alan Reid, managing director at Hunting for Well Intervention, said: “Hunting is delighted to bring the new Ezi-Shear Seal valve to market; an addition to our portfolio that we believe will deliver improved operational safety, reliability and well integrity, three vital aspects of any offshore activity.

“We believe there is a gap in the market for a product of this type with its cutting and sealing capabilities far outweighing those of other equipment currently available. Interest in the valve has already been high and we’re looking forward to helping this increase in coming weeks.

“We’re also thrilled to have worked closely with the team at Interventek in making this deal happen at a time where successful partnership working has taken on an even greater importance. There are so many benefits that collaboration with like-minded companies can bring and it is an avenue that we will continue to develop in the future.”

Stuart Ferguson, chairman at Interventek Subsea Engineering, said: “We are delighted to award Hunting the sole license for our Surface Well Intervention valve. Hunting is the ideal company to bring this product to market with its global presence, commitment to innovation and dynamic performance improvement philosophy.

“This unique product is the only surface valve in our range and incorporates our next generation shear and seal Revolution technology, offering multiple advantages over rival products. We look forward to seeing the industry as a whole benefit from both parties’ forward thinking, innovation and collaboration.”


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