Plinth goes up against the Dragons

Plinth goes up against the Dragons

A designer who has developed a unique tablet stand designed for people on the move is upbeat about the future despite failing to secure funding from the popular TV show Dragons’ Den.

Somerset designer John Bull is the man behind Plinth, a mobile tablet stand which can be folded up to easily fit into a pocket or bag without breaking.

Having already raised over £32,000 from a £19,000 crowdfunding campaign back in 2014, John decided to try his luck with the Dragons’ to help expand the business.

He said: “Although sales are now going well and the business growing nicely, it is still slower than I’d like, and I am hampered by lack of resources and cashflow.

“The world of retail is difficult to enter as a ‘new kid on the block’, especially when you only have one product (at the moment) to offer.

“I hoped the Dragons would help open doors for the undoubted potential Plinth offers. Feedback from my customers are testament to just how much people appreciate a stand that actually works!”

Despite impressing Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden, who stated how clever the design was and how good it looked, John walked away empty handed.

But he is not disheartened. He said: “I found entering the Dragons’ Den extremely tough. I do not find it easy being in the spotlight or speaking in public, and the whole process was very nerve-racking.

“The questions they asked seemed more focused on trying to highlight difficulties with my business rather than exploring the potential offered by the design or my business proposition, which I remain convinced is hugely exciting.

“I think they’ve missed a huge opportunity here, but time will tell whether I’m right!”


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