Collaboration with innovation centre secures contract win for healthcare firm

Collaboration with innovation centre secures contract win for healthcare firm

The engineering expertise of a North East innovation centre has helped a healthcare firm win major contracts in new industries.

Quality Hospital Solutions (QHS) is celebrating a new contract with an international gaming firm after teaming up with Newcastle-based Reece Innovation and its team of technical engineers.

The Reece Innovation team specialises in designing and developing engineering solutions to meet the challenges and needs of companies ranging from small business through to large international organisations.

Andrew Turner of QHS sought help redesigning the beverage trolley he’d invented for a new audience. Successfully in use in hospital wards across the region, design modifications would allow him to bring the beverage trolley to new markets.

Mr Turner, whose firm is based at NETPark in Sedgefield, County Durham, said: "We needed to take a product that was serving 35-bed wards and enhance it to cater for the needs of a new market, in this case customer service and call handling.

"Capacity needed to be greater and efficiency was key. With their design and development team of engineers, plus the ability to manufacture the product, Reece Innovation were our first choice.

"The client had extremely high standards and Reece Innovation offered that quality. The redesigns were incredibly innovative producing a twin boiler trolley. We were able to reduce the cost by 50% against the market leader due to the design.

"As a small business in the North East, working with the team at Reece Innovation has given me the scope to take my product to new markets. Each step of the production process was well-managed and it was manufactured within budget. With Reece Innovation able to manage a wide range of projects we hope to work with them again."

As the development hub of North East family firm Reece Group, managing director James Martin and his team have been supporting businesses with a range of engineering services, offering an ‘end to end’ product or equipment design, development and manufacturing resource.


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